Our range of traffic management services

CAD - Planning and Consultation

During the planning phase, our highly experienced team will liaise with the relevant authorities before conducting the site surveys and preparing the traffic management proposal, taking into consideration cost effectiveness and productivity for your requirements.

Providing our clients with drawings showing the safest and most effective traffic  management options, whilst keeping costs at a minimum.  Detailed drawings available with the client’s requirements on the same day. 


Road Closures and Diversions

Our services complying to national highways Sector scheme 12D Traffic Management, will provide the safe installation and maintenance of temporary road closures and diversion systems in rural and urban areas, giving maximum safety to the work force. Our dedicated C.A.D technicians will produce highway authority approved diversion layouts and seek road space permission for your scheme, allowing you to concentrate on the technical aspects of your works.


Temporary Traffic Systems

Stop and Go traffic control - mobile or static worksTemporary traffic signals- 2 way- 3 way- 4 way- Pedestrian crossing signalsGive and take systemsPedestrian management- Footway closures + diversions- Temporary footway closures- Temporary footwaysPriority traffic systemsRoad closure gatemen / Traffic MarshallingTemporary obstruction 15 min delay systemsElectronic portable, variable message signs (VMS)


Site Surveys

Traffic management Site surveys can be conducted prior to ‘construction proposals’ to determine a host of environmental factors such as road widths, traffic volumes and possible hazards. This is a proven method that has saved a great deal of expense and provided accurate results to better determine the outcome of a project or scheme.


Bespoke Signage

Our company can provide you with bespoke made to order signage all with different options of size and reflectivity.  



When no other traffic management options are available, we provide a controlled and well managed convoy system ensuring vehicles travel past the works site at a maximum speed of 10mph. Utilising our convoy systems will maximise the safety of your work force on difficult roads and junctions.


High Speed Lane Closures

Providing a specialist service in high speed traffic management, in accordance with national highways Sector scheme 12A/B. With the use of our own dedicated impact protection vehicles (I.P.V) coupled with the equipment, experience and operatives required, we are second to none on the safe and effective delivery of high speed operations.


events and Festivals

Event Traffic Management is one of the most important elements of a successful event. It is the first and last impression of your event. We can offer you a comprehensive traffic management package with reliable knowledgeable staff to ensure a safe and effective delivery of event access / egress.

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High Speed – Mobile Lane Closures

Managed under the national highways sector scheme 12C, High Speed mobile lane closures can offer a flexible and cost effective way of delivering routine maintenance or inspection of the highway. Highway Assurance specialise in this service.

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